The Wrong Light

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Dec 4, 2012 18:41
The white one in this picture is a porch light that a master carpenter ordered for our house without asking anything about it to us.
When I saw the light yesterday, I almost cried.
This type of light is really old-fashioned, maybe 30 years ago.
What on earth, he put such a light on the wall of our new house!
Why didn't he ask me anything?
This is NOT his house, but OUR house!
I was so upset and sad that it was really difficult for me to control my emotion yesterday.
My husband didn't angry so much as I, and that made me more mad.
Since I kept thinking how I should say to the master carpenter in my futon, I couldn't sleep well last night.
I called him to come to my house this morning.
My husband and I told him calmly that he should have asked us before he decided it and we wanted to change the light.
He consent to our claim, but he didn't apologize.