A Presentation by Exchange Students

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Aug 4, 2013 11:01
Ibaraki University invited me to a presentation by exchange students who are learning Japanese.
Since two young men who had stayed at my home would present the results of their research to the class, I went to the university to see their presentation.

When I met then at the university before presentation, they were very pleased and promised to do their best.
One of them from Taiwan presented about Japanese warrior(samurai), Akechi Mitsuhide who rebelled against his boss Oda Nobunaga and killed him.
He spoke fluent Japanese unashamedly, and his analysis about Mitsuhide was very interesting.
So I gave him a big hand.
Other man from South Korea presented about a weak yen and the tourism in Korea and Japan.
He seemed supremely confident and sometimes used casual words.
Since he used power-point well, his analysis was easy to understand for me.
I praised him after the presentation.

There were 22 students, who were from South Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the US.
Each student presented in fluent Japanese and I could know that they were really interested in Japan.
I hope they would be bridges between Japan and their countries.

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