Can't Stop Laughing

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Apr 25, 2014 16:16
I wen to a glasses shop to fix my glasses because the temples of mine were so tight that they made hollows on my temples.
I said to a salesperson that I have hollows because of the too tight temples, and show my temples.
Surprisingly, he laughed and kept laughing while I'm talking.
Even though I said to him quietly, "It's rude for you to laugh at me like that," he didn't stop laughing.
I was a little upset and thought I would never buy anything at the shop.
My daughter was there and watched it.
After leaving the shop, I said to her that I was hurt my feelings by him.
She said, "Mom, I noticed you got irritated, but there are those kind of people who stand laughing in the situation that you mustn't laugh. Maybe I'm one of them."
I was surprised that I knew my daughter is one of them.
I think those kind of people shouldn't be a salesperson.