Ride The Ducks of Seattle

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Jul 3, 2013 20:06
My funniest memory in Seattle is riding on an amphibious boat called "Duck."
My daughter and I sat just behind the driver.
Before we rode the Duck, the driver, who called himself "Captain," told us to be careful not to hit by his seat because he would bounce many times.

The Captain kept talking to the passengers cheerfully with his mike while we were riding on the boat.
We heard joyful music and we were enlivened by it.
He was so good at pleasing people that we enjoyed dancing, and shouting,"Starbucks!!" as soon as we found the starbucks.
Even though I couldn't understand his English perfectly, I could enjoy riding.
Since my daughter reacted proper timing as other English speaking people, she seemed almost understand what the Captain said.
I'm glad that her English skill was improving.