Improper Customers

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Apr 6, 2013 23:30
One of my classmates is a chef.
He opened his own French restaurant last November in my home prefecture.
Since it takes about four hours by train to get there from here, I didn't have chance to go to his restaurant.

Eventually, I was able to go there to have lunch with my childhood friends last Thursday.
He said that we could stay until evening when I called him to reserve.
So, my friends and I enjoyed his beautiful dishes and plenty of talking.
His delicious dishes made me relaxed .
We greeted his wife helping to serve dishes and knew that his twelve-year-old son was doing the dishes because his school is in spring vacation.
Even though there were some elegant women who looked like wealthy, we common women never cared about ourselves.
After all customers left the restaurant, he sat down on the empty seat next to my friend and joined our conversations.
He said, "My son told me that you're the first people who were talking about geckos in here ."
It meant our absurd conversations might have been heard by everyone in the restaurant.
I was sorry that we were improper customers to his elegant restaurant.
However, he texted me at the time when he must have closed his restaurant that he enjoyed talking with us.