The Youth Style of Language: 若者ことば

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May 18, 2013 15:38
I read an interesting article that reported about the words and pronunciations used by young people in the U.K.

Here are some features of the youth style of language:

* instead of "That's good!" or "I understand," youth will use a single adjective like "Safe!" "Sorted!" "Sound!" "Cool!" or "Wicked!"

* instead of "think," "the," "that's," "what" and "because," youth will say "fink," "da," "dat," "wot" and "coz"

* instead of using different tag questions like "isn't it?" "can't you?" or "don't they?" youth will use "innit"

Japanese young people are also good at making new words, and there are some books explaining their new words' meaning.
Nowadays, one of the language, "tabe-reru: 食べれる( someone can eat something)" instead of "tabe-ra-reru: 食べられる" is received by the general public.

However, I never say, "tabe-reru" because I don't think the expression is correct Japanese.