Waste Of My Energy

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Sep 26, 2012 16:02
Residents in my area stand at the crossroads in turn to watch children every morning.
Yesterday morning was my family's turn.
My husband usually stands there because I always prepare the breakfast.

When I was eating breakfast yesterday, he said, "You should go and watch kids.It's time that kids go to school."
I said, "What?Look.I'm eating now.You have already finished your meal.Why don't you go?"
He started eating before I sat by the table as usual.
He answered, "Because I'm wearing pajamas now."
"I'm eating breakfast now," I said again.
And then he said, "I have to change clothes if I go there."
I was so irritated that I said nothing and stared at him.
Then I stopped eating and go out to watch kids because I knew he would never go there instead of me.

I used to explode in anger, but I noticed that losing my temper is too waste of my energy.
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