In A New Light

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Sep 22, 2012 17:04
Our rice cultivation finished.
My husband sends one year amount of rice to my parents every year.
After his parents, who lived with us, died four years ago, he said to me, "I'll send rice to your parents not to need for them to buy rice."
I was thankful to him for his consideration from the bottom of my heart at that time.
However he is so coarse, stubborn, and childish that I have been discontented with him.

I called my mother this morning and told her that he had sent eight bales of rice yesterday.
She said, "He is really considerate man.And not only that, he is good at praising people."
I replied, "Really?I'm sure that he is more considerate than I, but I wonder he is good at praising people."
She said, "He said, 'Since Yuko drives better than I, I just sit on the front seat,' when you came here this summer, didn't he?"
"Oh, I think that was just sarcasm," I said.
Then she replied, "His words might have included a little sarcasm but not only that.He often praise people.I respect him about that."
I had never thought about my husband like her since then, but I noticed that maybe I missed his good point.
So I was a little able to look at him in a new light today.
I went shopping and I'm going to make his favorite dishes for dinner this evening.