Unexpected Happy Meeting

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Jul 29, 2012 21:08
One of my cousin opened his Italian restaurant in my hometown about five years ago.
I heard that his dishes and his wife's desserts were very popular there.
I didn't have any chance to go there, so I decided to visit his restaurant this time when I came back my hometown with my husband.
Since I didn't know the restaurant's phone number, I asked his mother and reserved at 12:30.

When my husband and I got into the restaurant, unexpectedly the owner's mother, my aunt(my father's younger sister) and her husband, another cousin and her husband and son was waiting for us.
I was surprised and very happy to see them.
We enjoyed talking and having dishes.
Since my husband was pleased with drinking beer with them, I had to drive for about five hours to my home.
I really appreciated for them to gather for us, so I felt great though my husband was sleeping while I drove.

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