Neighbor's New House

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Jul 21, 2012 23:53
One of my neighbors's new house is under construction.
Many people came their place and carried big frames early this morning.
They finished constructing all frames using a crane truck this evening.
I walked to their place and talked to the neighbor looking at the frame of the house.
" Hi, they finished it for one day.It's amazing, isn't it?"
He said, "Yeah, they did."
I said, "You are looking forward to your new house, right?"
He sighed and said, "Actually I can't say yes because I'm worried that I got into debt for this house.My wife will say yes though.I was going to make much smaller one but my wife insisted to make such a house.She said that since she had endured in the old house for a long time, she wanted me to have her wish realized."
I said to him, "Oh, I understand her mind.She born and raised four kids. Moreover she has taken care of your parents for a long time.I'm sure she has a right to get the reword."
He said with an ironic smile, "Then you have a right to get a nice house because you had took care of your troublesome father-in-law."
I said with confidence, "Yes, of course."
We are going to rebuilt our old house coming this September.