I Can't Understand Men.

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Jul 20, 2012 23:21
I went to see a osteopath yesterday.
When I went in the office, I put my registration ticket on the reception desk.
I sat down one of the benches to wait for calling my name .
Since I thought it would take for some time because there were some people, I read a book I brought.
When I looked up from my book casually, a woman's nude picture came in my sight.
The man, who was around 60 years old, sat down in front of my bench and was watching the picture in a magazine.
So I saw the picture over his shoulder.
It was one of the magazines placed the room for patients and the nude pictures was part of the double-leaved of the magazine.
Suddenly he started to tear the part of the nude pictures and put them in his bag. :O
Oh, my!!
I was really surprised that elderly man did such a thing and I could nothing but watching him.