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Jul 16, 2012 23:19
This photo is the telephone box designed by Daisuke Sakaguchi who was born and raised in London.
There are a dragon, a lion, an octopus, and a carp on each face of the box.
He said, "I drew four immortal living things live well with."
This art was selected in the contest that British Telecom did to commemorate the 25th anniversary of British NGO.
The NGO receive the telephone calls from bullied children for 24 hours.

A suicide because of the bulling is creating a sensation in Japan now.
A Junior high school student committed suicide last October.
The fact that he was suffering from bulling by his classmates became known now.
The problem is that the school and the board of Education hid the fact.
Although the student consulted about the bulling with his homeroom teacher, the school said the suicide didn't related the bulling.
Some TV programs broadcast about the bulling which the student was given.
I thought his school must have been Hell for him.
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