The Baby Care Without Diapers: おむつなし育児(omutsu nasi ikuji)

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Jul 12, 2012 18:00
These are extracts from an essay written by Misago Chizuru.

"'Omutsu nasi ikuji,' it sounds good.You observe babies and take them to the bathroom when you noticed that they seem to excrete. So they don't do it in the diapers, don't they?By the way, what's the effect of that?Do they become needless diapers earlier than others?Does it promote the growth of babies?'
When I introduce 'the baby care without diapers,' I have asked such a question many times.
Especially the mass media said plausibly like, 'We're sure that everybody wants to know how it works on babies.'
We live in the times that the modern science has stronger power than anything else.
People think it is the best thing that has scientifically well-grounded showing cause and effect.
But I dare to say that it's really rude for babies who live with their whole heart to adopt a supercilious attitude."

I agree with her.
I think that everyone is special and perfect regardless of the color of skin, an appearance, physique.