A Wonderful Albanian Woman

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Jul 11, 2012 22:00
I read the article about Reco Dida who compiled the first Japanese-Albanian dictionary in this April.
Reco came to Japan with her husband who studied as a researcher at Tohoku University in 1996 and had stayed for three years .
At that time, she started to study Japanese.
However, since there wasn't any Japanese-Albanian dictionaries, it was hard for her to study Japanese.
She said, "'Festivals, hot springs, and kindness of people in Sendai made me like Japan."
In 2009 when her husband became the Albania Ambassador to Japan, she came to Japan again.
She started to compile the dictionary last year when the media kept reporting about the Japanese huge disaster.
She roused up then and said, "I'll complete it for Albanian who are interested in Japan."
Some linguists in both countries and her son, who went to a University in Tokyo, helped her.
She hope that she can deepen the bonds between Albania and Japan.

I am happy to know that and thank her a lot for her hard work and consideration.