Swelling Eyelid

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Jul 8, 2012 22:34
I always take care of my garden in the morning.
I weeded for about 20 minutes in the garden yesterday.
While I was doing the dishes, I felt uneasy with my left eye.
So I saw a mirror, and I noticed that my left eyelid swelled up.
There was a stung sign on my left eyelid and it was swelling more and more.
I decided to see a doctor and drove my car with low visibility for 25 minutes.

When the doctor saw my eyelid, he said, "Oh, you were stung by a bee.Didn't you feel an ache?"
I answered, "No, I didn't feel nothing when I was stung."
He said, "Then you might be absorbed in weeding.Anyway you need an injection."
I got an injection and a prescription.

Since my swelling was better until evening, I was little surprised the effect of the injection.