Exploiting natural resources

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Jun 22, 2012 14:43
I read an article about Makoto Sato, who is an oyster farmer in Miyagi where was destroyed by the huge tsunami last March.
Mr. Sato and his companies started trying to be fixed a new fishery.
The ecological system in the Kesen-numa Bay is reproducing a new condition because it was disturbed by the tsunami.
He said, "Mother nature is strong.I can feel the blessing of nature."

I think not only mother nature but also he and his companies are strong.
Some people who was destroyed their life by the terrible earthquake and tsunami committed suicide because of the disappointment.
By contrast they try to live positively.
I sincerely cheer for them.

Japan is a crescent-shaped and is haunt of earthquakes and volcanoes.
That causes disasters and also gives some blessings.
They are terrestrial heat, water and other natural resources.
I hope Japan develops the new energy system using these blessings instead of the nuclear power.

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