My Treasure

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Jun 21, 2012 23:14
Today I watched a PV of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of you" and remembered my past feeling.
When I was single, I thought I didn't want to live with my husband's parents.
So I went out of my hometown to be a public servant and found a man who was a third son.
Three years later after our marriage, my husband's eldest son who lived with his parents died of cerebral hemorrhage.
My husband's father told us to come back and live with them, but we refused it.

Seven years later after that, my father-in-law ordered us to live with them again.
Moreover he said to my husband, "If you don't come back here, I'll cut you off."
So my husband decided to live with them even though I was opposed.
Since I knew that the wife of the dead brother-in-law was treated like a maid, I never wanted to be like her.
I wondered if divorce from my husband.
But I was unable to live apart form my two sons and a daughter and I didn't want them to misery.
So I decided to go with my husband.
The life with my parents-in-law was so hard that I always wanted to get away from their house.
And I was always irritable and sometimes yelled out my kids.

Now my parents-in-law died three years ago and I live happily with my husband and my daughter.
I think it was a good decision not to divorce from my husband.
If I had divorced my husband, I would never have such a great family.
Family is my treasure.