Angry Naked Husband

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Jun 17, 2012 21:34
It is rainy season in Japan, and a lull in the rain, it suddenly gets hot.
This weather is good for weeds.
Since weeds grew up quickly, our garden became full of weeds.
Today, my husband mowed them until getting dark and he said to me, "Hey, prepare a bath. I'll finish mowing a few minutes later."
Although I was preparing for dinner, I went to the bath room and put the plug in the bathtub.
When he came into the dining room and asked me, "Is bathtub full of hot water?"
I answered, "Of course."
So he took off his clothes vigorously and went into the bathroom.
As soon as he entered the bathroom, he shouted, "Oh, no hot water.You are liar!"
I said, "What?" and remembered if I had turned on the boiler or not.
I was sure put the plug but wasn't sure turned on the boiler.
Oops, I might have done it again.
Recently I tend to do a request absent-mindedly while I am cooking.
I said to my husband, "I'm sorry, but that wasn't my intention but my careless mistake."
Naked husband with bath towel around his bottom went out and said in anger, "I don't believe you.You must have done it intentionally!"
My daughter was there.She must have said in her mind, "Good grief!"