Helpful Bitter Melons In Summer

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Jun 10, 2012 21:17
I scattered bitter melon's seeds the end of May.
Most of them became cotyledons a week ago and I planted some of them in the ground today.
Bitter melons are vine plants and they are used to block sunlight here.
After the accident of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japanese people need to save electricity.
If the sunlight is blocked by the vines which are grow thick and rooms' temperature doesn't rise so high, we wouldn't need to turn on the air conditioner.
So many people grow vine plants in summer and especially bitter melons are very popular.
I shared some seedlings with my friends and neighbors.
I will see a lot of bitter melons in the neiborhood this year.
Since they have high nutritive value, eating them will be able to avoid suffering from summer heat.
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