A ridiculous quarrel

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Apr 24, 2012 23:27
Today, I watched a TV program which introduced a special high school to be a railroad worker; it's named 昭和鉄道高校:Syouwa Tetudou Hidg School.


I had never heard about the school since I watched the program.
There were some students who commute the school from the distance.
One of them gets up at four every morning; his mother drive him to the nearest station.

Watching the program, my husband said, "Our kids couldn't go to such a school because their mother wouldn't be able to get up so early.Like a mother who got up at around 8:00. They would be late for school every day."
I understand that he spoke cynically because I overslept this morning.
So I said, "I would be able to get up early for my kids, not for the cynical man!"
Since he pretended that he couldn't hear my words, I said loudly, "Cynical old man:皮肉じじい!"
My daughter was smiling listening our conversation.