My Terrible Computer

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Apr 20, 2012 15:26
I wrote the entry that my computer had broken and sent it to the electric shop.

Today, I got a call and the clerk said that I had to pay 9,000 yen to get back my repaired computer, even though it's during the term of guarantee.
She explained that since the price of my computer was lower than expenditure for repair, I needed to pay the balance.
I can't believe what they insisted to.
When I bought it two years ago, the sales clerk said, "We'll repair your computer free for five years if you pay 2,900 yen," so I payed it then.
The computer broke nine months ago, and it broke this time again!
That is, it broke twice within two years.
Aren't they ashamed that they sold such a bad product and furthermore let the customer pay money for repair?
I couldn't understand their logic but I thought it wasted my energy and time to argue them.
So I told to her that as I didn't pay money such a terrible computer anymore, I canceled the request for repair.