Today Is My Birthday!!

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Apr 16, 2012 23:02
I didn't notice that it was my birthday this morning.
My husband and I just greeted as usual.

When my kids were little, we used to make cookies together on their birthday.
I made a rule that the birthday kid could use cookie dough as much as he/she wanted and made anything.
I remember that my elder son made Goku's big face of "Dragon Ball Z" on his birthday.
Since it was too big, it cracked when my son tried to rip from the oven tray.
But he didn't so disappointed and kept it in a plastic box to treasure.
He was good at drawing and making crafts, so the cookie was excellent.
Maybe he didn't want to break his special work, and he didn't eat it until the next day.
So I asked him, "Don't you eat it?"
He said, "Yes, I will eat it," and unwillingly ate it.
Having the time with my kids is my treasure.

When I came back home from work this evening, my daughter said, "Happy birthday, mom!"
I answered, "Thank you. Your father said nothing about my birthday.Maybe he forgot it."
As soon as my husband came home, I said to my husband, "Hey. Today is my birthday."
So he bought some cakes for me.

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