Is Mr. Yoichi Hatta Famous In Taiwan? :八田よいちは、台湾で有名ですか?

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Apr 13, 2012 16:16
I'm reading "日本はなぜ世界でいちばん人気があるのか?:Why is Japan the most popular in the world?" written by Tsuneyasu Takeda.
He said that Mr. Hatta appears in the history textbook in Taiwan and every Taiwanese knows him.
I hadn't known him since I read the book and I think there are few Japanese who know him in Japan.

Mr. Hatta was an engineer who contributed to the agricultural water supply project in Taiwan in early twenty century.
The Kanan plain in central of Taiwan used to face a crisis of a drought.
He planed to build a huge dam and managed to get the budget of it.
Eventually the Usanto Dam was completed in 1930, which was the biggest in the world at the time.
The water-use facilities are working even now, and the Kanan plain is a big granary now.

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