A Bossy Girl: いばった女の子

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Mar 3, 2013 12:42
I went to a beauty salon yesterday and heard a strange story from the owner.
She has a customer who has only girl same as her.
The customer's daughter is 17 years old and she seems to be like a boss about her mother.
The bossy girl goes to school by train and her mother drives her to the station every day.
On her way home, when the girl goes to her cram school near the station, she seems to make her mother drive there, even though it takes about ten minutes on foot to get the cram school from the station.
I was really surprised and asked the owner, "Why does the mother make her daughter walk to the cram school?"
She answered, "Because the girl says that she doesn't go to the cram school if her mother drives her there."
I was staggered beyond words by her reply.
I think the mother should notice that she is spoiling her daughter, or the girl won't be a self-respecting person.