Advervs From A Book

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Mar 28, 2012 21:08
Finally I finished reading 'Twilight Breaking Dawn' in English, which has 702 pages.
Many adverbs are used repeatedly and I want to use them appropriately writing entries.
So I'm trying to make sentences using them.

Personally, I'm not interested in watching TV.

" Certainly," the manager said an old woman politely.

I briefly contemplated my issues with words like forgetful,stain,wrinkle, etc.

I swiftly put the living room in order because my friend was supposed to come home.

I said to my husband honestly,"Your attitude bothers me."

Ummm... It's boring making sentences in this way.

absolutely, mostly,cheerfully, mentally, immediately, traditionally, suspiciously, suddenly, perfectly, anxiously, incredulously, tightly, exactly, stupidly, specifically, completely, luckily, unexpectedly, automatically, constantly, especially, futilely, passionately,vaguely.....

I picked up these adverbs from only 20 pages of the book.