Tie Of My Family

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Mar 27, 2012 23:26
We met at Motomati-Cyukagai station at 6:15 last Saturday.
When my husband, my daughter, and I arrived at the station, I found my younger son watching us with a smile at the ticket gate.
He led us using his iphone to the Chinese restaurant which my elder son and his wife were supposed to wait for us.

Although there were full of people walking narrow street, some cars drove through slowly on the same street.
Suddenly I fond familiar faces in the crowd, and they were my son and his wife waving us.

They took us the restaurant and we were guided to the second floor.
We sat around a circle table and were pleased with the first meeting of all members after the son's wedding.

We ate and talked a lot and had a great time.
This tie of my family is the most precious thing for me and I cherish it.

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