Take Care Of A Juvenile

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Mar 19, 2012 22:53
When I saw Mana Ashida on the TV drama, she was only five.

As her performance was really good, I was pulled into the drama.

The story was made of a strange relationship between an abused girl and her elementary school teacher.

She performed a first year elementary school student even though she was only five at that time.

I looked forward to watching the drama, and cried for the pitiful and innocent girl every time.

Mana became popular suddenly because of the drama.

She sings with cute dancing, appears a variety show, quiz show, dramas, and the like.

So I see her on the TV almost every day.

I knew that she was enjoying on the TV for the beginning, but recently she seems to try excessively to meet adults' expectations.

I feel that her smile is pitiful and am worried about her.

It might be none of my business, but I can't say nothing about this.