Which Is Better?

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Mar 16, 2012 11:20
A small controversy is developing in a contribution section on a newspaper.

A mother's contribute; There are some teachers who don't let students write their names in kanji which hasn't be taught. But she think it's strange.

Some people say writing names in difficult kanji will be a good opportunity for children to be interested in kanji.

Others say if they write them in their own style, they will remember wrong stroke order.

Japanese people think that the stroke order is very important to write hiragane, katakana and kanji to make letters good shape.

I'm sure both people consider what is the best for children's education.

One of my first name's kanji is 優, so it was really difficult for me to write it when I was a child.

I was unpleasant because most of my friends could write all their names in kanji when I was a third year elementary student.

So, I asked my mother how to write it and practiced again and again, and finally I could write 優.

I was really happy and proud of myself.

Since I think that each child has inestimable possibility, it is good to write untaught kanji if children want to do it.