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Mar 13, 2012 18:12
One of my friends is quiet, serious and really nice person.

She gave me some oranges and told about odd story about them today.

Three young men came to her house yesterday and said in a Tohoku dialect, "We're from Miyagi

prefecture and have had a hard time because of the last massive earthquake.

Will you help us to buy these oranges made in Miyagi?"

So, my very kind friend said," Ok. I'll buy some of them, but I don't need a lot."

Then they said, "Oh, you can divide them with your friends. We can't pay even for fertilizers

unless we sell all of these oranges. "

She sympathized them and bought many oranges at last.

After they left her house, she noticed the small sicker on the oranges printed "USA".

She just said,"I was stupid," and didn't get mad at them.

I decided I would beat them if they come to my home when I heard that she payed 800 yen a kg.
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