A Memory

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Jul 30, 2013 20:08
When I came back to my hometown last time, I was spoken to by a man at my parents' house.
He visited there to take funeral ornaments away.
He asked me if I remembered him.
So, I looked hard at him and I noticed that he was my classmate, but I couldn't remember his name.
I said to him, "Yes, you were my classmate when I was in junior high school."
He asked me, "Do you remember my name?"
I said, "Well, your last name has 森(mori) if I am not mistaken..."
He said disappointingly, "No, you're wrong. Remember my name until I will leave from here. Don't ask your brother, okay?"
I tried to remember as hard as I could, but I couldn't.
Eventually, I asked my brother and he told me that he knew only the classmate's nickname, Thabo.
Then, I could remember his full name and told him.