I've Just Found Myself In Others.(I wonder if I can say like this.)

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Dec 6, 2011 22:41
You can sometimes find yourself in others.

A young woman who has just got married did't look happy and looked tired.

She complained, "As I can't sleep well because of my husband's snore, we sleep in different rooms.And the resident living under our floor makes music sound terribly loud around eleven almost every night.To make matters worse, I cut my finger with a kitchen knife a week ago."

Her husband said," I always do the dishes and laundry, clean our house, so she only cooks.She goes her parents' home every weekend."

For the first time, I sympathized her but thought that she cared about only herself and didn't thank her husband for doing most of housework.

And then, I noticed that I always complain about my husband like her without caring about him.

I can't blame her.

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