Tender Words

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Sep 23, 2011 13:31
The strong typhoon 15th hit Japan.
It blew a big tree down and snapped many limbs and branches in my area.
The next day, when I was sweeping them together on the road near my house, two elderly women stepped up to me and said with sympathy,"台風が大きな悪さをしましたね。:The typhoon behaved very badly, didn't it?"
"Oh, yes, it did."I replied with smile.
Then I felt tender in their words.
Using the words "悪さをする:behave badly" instead of "被害を与える:damage or harm" can express affection for the object to personify it.
I think elderly people especially in this region have rich vocabulary and can express in various ways.
They also have special skills learning from nature.
So I bow to them by myself whenever I meet aged people in this area.