A Trivial Thing But...

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Sep 20, 2011 14:20
My mom's sister-in-law was good at making dresses, so mom ordered my aunt to make a dress for each of my younger sister and me every summer in my childhood.
Mom made some dresses by herself for the first time, but maybe she became too busy to do so.

She took us to the department store to buy cloths for our new dresses.
It took about one hour by car to the nearest department store.
On the way to the department, I was excited not only because buying some cloths but also going out with my mom.
As my mom and dad are farmers growing Japanese green tea, they always had to work in the field and mom seldom went out for herself.So I was happy for her to be released from her everyday tasks.

It's a trivial thing but I wonder why she wanted to make dresses for her daughters every year.
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