Paramedics Who was Kept Alive

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Sep 15, 2011 14:26
I watched that two paramedics confessed their tunami experience on a TV program.
Both of them looked depressed even though it passed six months after the disaster.

On march 11,they tried to help a patient who stayed his home with his wife after the big earthquake.
They carried him on a stretcher to evacuate, and they asked two police officers to help them on the way to the hill.So there were the patient, his wife, two police officers and two paramedics.
And then, big heartless tunami attacked them.
When one of the paramedics noticed, he was in a narrow space between a house and another house with his co-worker.These houses guarded them against rubble which the tumani brought.
They struggled out the sea water and went up to the roof of one of the houses and stayed a cold night there.

They said that they always remember the people who were with them at that time and disappeared in a flash.
It seems that they need a little more time to accept the fact that only them of the six people kept alive.