Loud Voice

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Sep 11, 2011 22:55
I went out for dinner this evening with my husband.
The Japanese restaurant serves traditional Japanese food such as sashimi, tempura, sushi and so on.
My husband ordered sushi and I ordered yakizakana teishoku, grilled salmon with sashimi, rice and miso soup.
The waitress said " Yakizakana teishoku needs about 20 minutes to grill."
I said," That's all right." Because the teisyoku was today's special and I wanted to try it.
After a while, my husband's sushi came, and all of customers around me got their orders.
But mine didn't come.
My husband grinned and said, "Maybe they forget your order."
" Yeah, it takes more than 30 minutes to grill. It's almost 40...." I started to be anxious.
At that time, a waitress brought mine and she said,"I'm very sorry to let you wait so long."
" Oh, here comes! Your very special meal. We are waiting eagerly," my husband said with a loud voice.
I was so embarrassed but he just said my mind.