A Pity Girl

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Sep 8, 2011 16:37
She said "I get goose bumps when I think my parents." I was surprised to hear that.Teenagers tend to think their parents are annoying, and the last thing they want is advice from older people.But "goose bumps"? Though I felt that it was a little strange, I kept silent and was waiting for her to start talking again.
" Both of my mom and dad are always keeping their eyes on me. My mom said that she knew anything about me.I have noticed she checked out my possessions, so she knows everything about me.The other day, dad was standing in front of the bathroom when I went out.I'm so discomfort and scared of them,"she said.
"Why don't you talk about that with your parents?"
"It's impposible because they don't listen to me, especially mom! When she got angry, she is really
terrifying!! Please don't say to anything to my parents."
How pity she is! Her parents never notice that they are spoiling their only kid.What should I do?