Rings Part 2

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Sep 6, 2011 16:22
The pub, izakaya, was in Kichijyoji, Tokyo. And it provided all kind of Japanese local sake.
My husband and I sat on the stools in front of a bartender. We were enjoying drinking and talking, though I was drinking oolong tea.
After a while, a bartender put sake in front of me, though I didn't order it. When I saw the bartender dubiously, he said that the man sitting next to my husband ordered sake for me. I turned my eyes toward the man and we exchanged nods.
In fact, I don't like any alcoholic beverages because I feel sick whenever I drink.
But I sipped the sake to respond his kindness. Then the man asked the bartender another kind of sake for me. He recommended "It tastes lighter than previous one.""No thank you anymore because I don't drink sake," I said. But he insisted. I saw my husband, but he was just smiling.
I was too young to refuse strongly. No sips could have displayed my will, but I conscientiously kept bringing a sake cup to my mouth and licking sake a little.
How stupid I was! Presently I went to the restroom and I couldn't go out without my husband's help.
What I didn't realize was that even little sake made my breathe difficult.