My Talking Dog Part 2

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Aug 19, 2011 23:15
My dog Maru doesn't like big sound, especially thunder.
Whenever the thunder rolls, he is afraid of it and shivers.
As it was thunder today, he was shivering and peeping through the glass door to appeal his crisis.
His eyes said, " Let me in, please. Why don't you open the door? Will you open the door, please? Pleeeeeease!!" LET ME IN !!"

"How pitiful! I can't leave him outside. Can I let Maru in, mom?" my daughter asked me.
Since I also felt sorry about him, I answered " Sure."

She and I put corrugated paper on the tatami mat and newspapers, and opened the door for him.
As soon as the door opened, he jumped into the room.

Above 3 pictures are Maru in our room.
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