It's Depends.

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Aug 15, 2011 21:21
My husband's siblings got together for "Obon" yesterday.
He and I have been trying to reduce using electricity since the accident in Fukushima.
We can endure hotness in our house surrounded trees.

But our guests said they couldn't put up with hot days without using air conditioner.
My sister-in-law said "I stay turning on the air conditioner when I go out my garden."

I thought it's natural to try not to use electricity.
Because there are many people who lost their family members,houses, jobs or everything in Tohoku.
And they still forced inconvenient and anxiety life.
I can't be useful for them, so I want to do something what I can do for them.

But yesterday, I talked with my relatives and I had a new understanding, "It's depends on the person."