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Aug 13, 2011 22:29
My daughter who lives in her university's dormitory has come back home since yesterday.
She is a senior in this year.
She likes and respects her father, of course my husband loves her very much.
Recently she got like my husband more and more, the style of sleeping, the way of thinking, favorite things,and so on.
My husband always sleeps in the living room opening his mouth.
As soon as she finds sleeping dad,she says, "Oh, so cute."and takes out her cellphone to take her father's picture.
When I complain of my husband, she is almost my husband's side.
"Well, mom.I like his style..."
Here's a Japanese proverb.
"The daughter who likes her father can get a happy marriage."
So I believe this proverb,and she will meet a nice match.^^
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