OBON (お盆)

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Aug 12, 2011 18:11
It has been hot since typhoon 9th left.
But I have a lot of things to do before and during "Obon".
In Japan from August 13th to 16th is "Obon" days that people come back to their home to pray for ancestors.
That means not only ancestors but also some relatives are going to come to my home.
So I have to take care of them.

Can you imagine how to take care of ancestors?
In the afternoon on August 13th, we go to the grave and fire a lantern to take them to our home.
Then I give them a meal in the evening on the day .
I make three meals each days of 14th and 15th for invisible ancestors.
The last day 16th, we take them back to the grave.

Thus we have some events for ancestors in Japan.
I think these events make us aware of invisible tie with our ancestors.