Don't Despise Middle-aged Women!!

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Aug 1, 2011 23:30
I went to a massage salon which I tried a couple times.As the owner sent me a discount facial massage coupon, I went there to try it.The owner introduced a young lady who treat my face.She asked me several questions and started the treatment.While she was wiping cleansing cream,she said "How poor! You have some stains because of suntanned.How poor!""Excuse me? Am I so poor? My stains are so bad?"I asked in my mind.Whole treatment was very comfortable, but I was shocked her words,especially 'poor'.Though I know she didn't mean to me, I felt bad.I'll never get her treatment.Watch your words young lady!Don't despise middle-aged women!! おばさんを 舐めんなよ!!
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