The meaning of 「聴く」:「聴く(きく)」の意味

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Mar 11, 2016 17:57
The action using your years is signified three kanji; 聞く,訊く, and聴く.
When we use 聞く or 訊く, we don't refer attitude of listeners.
However, it's different when we use 聴く.
This kanji is worked out the letters, 十四,耳, and心.
That means you listen to something with fourteen ears giving your whole mind.
I wonder if it's the same as the difference between hear and listen.
At any rate, I'd like to take care to listen to anything giving my whole mind.

* To Japanese learners
Actually, the top right part of the ”聴” has nothing to do with the number 十四 as tony-san refers in the correction box below.
However, we often explain the kanji "聴” like my entry's explanation to emphasize the importance to listen to others without biased view or prejudice.