Can You Read A Person's Mind without Talking?

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Jul 13, 2013 18:04
I lived with my parents, my younger sister, my younger brother and my grandmother when I was little.
After graduating high school, I left home.
It's been for more than 30 years since I went away from my hometown.

I had a time to talk with my mom and my brother the other day.
We were talking about my dad who had passed away in last June.
My mom said that she didn't used to be able to have said the reason why she had got angry with her husband and had wanted him to notice the reason.
I said to her, "I'll explain the reason if I get angry with my husband. That's why we have languages, right?"
Then, my brother agreed with my mom, "I understand Mom's feeling. I hesitate to say things that hurts my wife's feelings. I think Dad and N(my younger sister) have also the same hesitation."
"Really? I haven't noticed it still now! I'm so different from others in my family! Mom, am I you and Dad's child by birth?"

I don't think hurting person's feeling is good, and yet there are some situations that you have to say things to know each other even though you would hurt him/her.
Waiting for your partner to suppose your feeling without saying anything and blaming he/she in your mind is strange for me.