Advance to Southeast Asia!

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Jan 29, 2011 11:08
 I am writing a paper now.
The content is the one "Does the business do in Southeast Asia by Japanese firm and what adoption do if advancing?".The business is assumed that Service-producing industry and hiring people are employee in shop. The region is Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and the Indonesia.
The economic growth of Southeast Asia is remarkable for about 30 years.As one factor, the country was investing in the farming production industry till then as one factor. But, Overseas export has become active because it began to make efforts to manufacturing, and the national interest will been obtained. It is necessary to change the specific gravity from manufacturing into the service industry so that the country has to raise the level.

I think that the service-producing industry in Japan can contribute to advancement, and the economic growth of the country. However, various problems occur in employment when advancing. Local people might have sense of values different from the worker in Japan.

What do you think condition that people in Southeast Asia request?
Please let me hear your idea!(^0^)/

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