I think that the particular characteristics that define our generat...

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Jun 23, 2013 14:37
I think that the particular characteristics that define our generation is that we are almost of the time addicted to use internet. Therefore, I belive that our generation is defined as IT user. I have some reasons for this.
Firstly, Comparing the past, there are a lot of social net working site such as Facebook, Line etc.
It brought us easy lives.For example , Even close person who are living in far distance can contact via these sites. So we can share our useful imformation easily.
Secondly, From the benefits of the Internet, We can easily accese and get imformation.
In my case, When I should have to go business trip, through the Internet, I can check the country where I will visit. and reserve the hotel. these some piece of imformations and prepareing make my mind relive. At the same time, I can check the restrant where save delicious local food.
Secondly, Using Internet, I heard some of the my friends developing my creative skills such as making some sites by myself via free internet metarials. Also, drawing some Illustration, making design.
If the person really like art related to such areas, the internet can accest to famous and beautiful design site easily. these sites can help oimproving the design skills.

Concecantly, Our generation can see very related to the internet.