Tell a lie (说谎) Suny be Lin Yujia(演唱:林宥嘉)

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Dec 28, 2011 11:33
There were a few nice objects.

It seems (I) don't feel longly.

可能我浪荡 让人家不安
Maybe I'm vagabond that makes others feel diturbed.

So there were no results.

I have no troubles.

You should not put that on you mind.

我又不脆弱 何况那算什么伤
I'm not weakness and that's nothing.

The love is always like that.

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I don't lie, why I should lie.

你懂我的 我对你从来就不会假装
You know me that I can't pretend in front of you.

我哪有说谎 请别以为你有多难忘
I don't lie. Please don't think that your are unforgettable.

Smiling is real that I don't overexert.

I have not gone to this reastaurant for a long time.

I've no idea it has changed the decoration.

角落那窗口 闻得到玫瑰花香
That window at the coner could smell the smelling of roses,

what said by you ringing a bell with me .

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I don't lie, why I should lie.

你知道的 我缺点之一就是很健忘
You know one of my defects is forgetful.

我哪有说谎 是很感谢今晚的相伴
What the hell I lie while thanks for company tonight.

But I actually feel a little unaccustomed.

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
I don't lie, why I should lie.

Whatever I will be, I can't love the one who I love

别说我说谎 人生已经如此的艰难
Don't say that I lie for the life is so hard

Don't expose something like that.

我没有说谎 是爱情说谎
I don't lie. It's the love lies

它带你来 骗我说渴望的有可能有希望
It takes you here lying that I desire maybe hopefull.

我没有说谎 祝你做个幸福的新娘
I don't lie and wish you a happiness Bride

Please forget all Loads on my mind! (Clink here and enjoy the show)