Bōzu - 坊主

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May 5, 2011 21:15
2 days ago, I suddenly had a impulse to shave my hair short, so yeah. I don't have any regret. Well, it would be good time to explain Japanese hair cut, "Bōzu" (坊主).

Although I said Bōzu is Japanese hair cut, it can be obviously seen all over the world. Well, most famous Japanese whose hair cut is Bōzu is probably Ichiro. As you know, he's baseball player. This hair cut looks very tidy and neat like him, I think. Because of that appearances, Buddhist priest must cut their hair like it. Christianity have the definition of human's desire called the seven deadly sins. I guess Buddhist priest want to try cutting off their lust by cutting their whole hair. They have to totally cut their whole hair like skinhead. But when we Japanese say Bōzu, it represent a hair cut that length is from 0 inch to about 2 inch. Also, Bōzu(坊主) mean Buddhist priest in Japanese. If you have a large amount of desires, why don't you try this hair cut??

Thanks for your time.