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Apr 19, 2011 10:59
The world population was estimated to be 6.91 billion in the yeah 2010(quoted form Wikipedia: ), and the top 3 country with the largest population are China, India and United states in order. To my surprised, about 3 billion people are from these countries. How many people can we meet in our life? In my opinion, only less than one thousand people that we can know and speak each other.

I wondered which language should I learn next. Yeah, I just wondered, at the beginning I looked up how many different language are there in the world. According to some web site, there are 6,700 kind of different language in the world. It was way to more than I thought. As I thought about population, I should learn Chinese, because I would be able to speak with more people in China than other country, even though most Chinese don't like Japan... Do you have any recognition? Now I'm going to learn Mandarin in the future.

By the way, I found a funny example written in English.