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Apr 10, 2011 15:48
It's about time to list up words for working at Cafe. If you find any mistake or unnatural parts, please correct my sentences(。・ω・) By the way, my work place have only counter and show window for displaying sandwich and bunch of loafs or cookies, so please take into account of it.

I attached how to say in Japanese.


Hi there. / How do you do? (that's sort of things)

[When to take order(オーダーをとる時)]

Sir/Ma'am, can I help you?? / Are you ready to order??


Sure. / Sure thing.

[About Salad(サラダについて)] → Customer can chose 2 salad with one container

You can choose 2 salad (2 kind of salad) from here(I mean from showcase)./
You can choose another salad with this container./


Would you like ~ ?
Any ~ for you?
Anything else for you?

Well, I can't remember the other sentences. If you know some words that make you pleasant at a Cafe or a restaurant, could you tell me these sentence??

Thank you for your time :))